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12gurus:Health brings together executives, administrators, and leaders from all aspects of the business of healthcare to share BIG, PRACTICAL, ACTIONABLE ideas that you can implement right now in your practice or organization to enable change. Talks are SHORT (18-minutes or less!), engaging and entertaining.
Day 1:
  • Nicholas La Russo/Mayo Clinic's Center for Innovation how administrators are changing the way practices and hospitals learn from their mistakes;
  • Mayor Cory Booker/Stanford;Oxford;Neward, NJ changing the way cities inspire changes in the health system;
  • John Moore/MIT Media Lab changing the way we use technology - as an aide to practice managment and patient interaction, not an interruption;
  • Joseph Ravenell/NYU improving patient recruitment, and reaching the unreachable patient.
  • Douglas Drossman/UNC, Rome Foundation, Merck Manual changing how practices communicate with their patients to capture the real, often hidden reason for the visit;
  • Herbert Chase/Columbia + IBM Watson how practices and organizations can speed up accurate decision making and eliminate costly errors;
  • Brian Forrest/AccessHealthcare changing private practice so doctors can spend time with patients and cut overhead in half;
  • Ishita Gupta changing the way health care executives face fear;
  • Scott Johnson/Myelin Repair Foundation effective ways for organizations to collaborate
  • You will also meet four New York Times bestselling authors-
  • Jason Hwang/Michigan, The Innovator's Prescription; Improving practice management to improve patient satisfaction and care;
  • Sandeep Jauhar/NS/LIJ, Intern; How practices and organizations need to communicate to and manage physicians.
  • John Ratey/Harvard, Spark!; Keeping your practice healthy (including ways to adjust your environment and desks).
  • Charles Duhigg/NY Times, The Power of Habit; How administrators and executives can get practitioners to change their habits.
Day 2:
  • Mobile Health Summit: Take a deep dive and a different look at Mobile Health.
  • Intensive Communication Workshop with Douglas Drossman Limit 50 people. (apply)
Dynamic Theater Experience
No boring lectures. No bulletpoints. No pitching. 12gurus:Health is a dynamic theater experience. Talks are short -- 18 minutes or less! -- game changing, full of rich multimedia, and given by the world's top innovators!
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