Nov 29-Dec 2, 2021, United Arab Emirates

Reut Ohana, MSc, MBA


Clalit Research Institute

Reut Ohana, in molecular genetics and a current EMBA student at Kellogg business school, serving as the COO at Clalit Innovation & deputy director of Clalit Research Institute, one of the world-leading data science centers in healthcare.

In her roles, she is responsible for the strategic planning; operations; R&D and implementation of novel organization-wide data-driven and AI based intervention in Clalit.

Clalit Health Services (‘Clalit’) is Israel's largest healthcare organization that serves as insurer and care provider for 4.6 million people (53% of the population). Clalit offers primary, specialty, and hospital care to its members, with over 1,500 clinics, 14 hospitals, and 30% of the acute hospital beds in Israel, making it one of the largest integrated healthcare organizations in the world. Clalit has a single, universally adopted electronic health record (EHR) database, dating back to the mid-1990s. The EHR includes information on all medical encounters from inpatient, outpatient, and specialist visits regarding diagnoses, clinical measures, laboratory data, imaging data, prescription and dispensing records, detailed socio-demographic information, and administrative data.

Clalit Innovation is the innovation, research and business development arm of Clalit and is responsible for strategic planning, development, testing and implementation of innovative technology, data-driven tools and novel organization-wide interventions for improving healthcare quality, reducing disparities and increasing care effectiveness. Clalit Innovation comprises Clalit Research Institute, a world-renowned applicative data-driven research institute that was designated as the WHO Collaborating Center on Non-Communicable Diseases Research, Prevention and Control.

About Reut Ohana’s presentation:
Subjects: Driving Rapid Innovation in Major Health Organizations
Conference: 12gurus:Health Israel @ UAE, 2021
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