Presenter James Warnke
LCSW, Master Ericksonian Hypnotists
Watch Your Language
  • Former President, Member of the Board of Directors, and Senior Faculty Member of the New York Milton H. Erickson Society for Psychotherapy and Hypnosis.
  • A psychotherapist in private practice who has presented hundreds of workshops and lectures on issues related to mental health, blindness and visual impairment.
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Dynamic Theater Experience
No boring lectures. No bulletpoints. No pitching. 12gurus:Health is a dynamic theater experience. Talks are short -- 18 minutes or less! -- game changing, full of rich multimedia, and given by the world's top innovators!
Leaders in Healthcare Innovation
NYC, March 29-30, 2012 : 12gurus:Health brings together top innovators, practitioners and executives from all aspects of healthcare to share innovative ideas on increasing patient wellbeing, improving experiences of the doctors, staff, patients, and families, and enabling better research and data-sharing. Talks are short, engaging and entertaining. The topics are game-changing BIG ideas.
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