Advisor John Schaetzl
Oxford Lotus Health Fund; SustainAbility; GEAM (Healthcare)
  • Lead Director at SustainAbility LTD a Global Think Tank and Consultancy with 25 years "speaking truth to power"
  • Interim Board member at Oxford Lotus Health investing in affordable solutions to Global Health Needs
  • Adviser to Foundations and Governments investing in sustainable solutions to Global Health Problems
  • Regular participant in Pharma Futures and Lyceum Health Panels
  • Experience as GE Asset Management Health-care industry analyst and portfolio manager
  • Valued consultant to the pharmaceutical industry at Healthcare Forecasting Inc and Scott Levin Associates
  • Pharma Executive at Bayer
  • BA, Harvard; MA, Penn
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Leaders in Healthcare Innovation
NYC, March 29-30, 2012 : 12gurus:Health brings together top innovators, practitioners and executives from all aspects of healthcare to share innovative ideas on increasing patient wellbeing, improving experiences of the doctors, staff, patients, and families, and enabling better research and data-sharing. Talks are short, engaging and entertaining. The topics are game-changing BIG ideas.
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