March 29-30, 2013, NYC
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Presenter Scott Johnson
Myelin Repair Foundation
Breaking from the Past to Breakthrough to Cures-The Accelerated Collaboration Model
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  • President and Founder of the Myelin Repair Foundation- the world's largest non-profit research organization exclusively focused on developing the next generation multiple sclerosis treatment—myelin repair
  • Featured in Fortune as a “lifesaving shakeup in the world of medical research”
  • Creator of Accelerated Research Collaboration™ model (ARC™)
  • His foundation’s collaboration has (1) identified over 150 novel potential targets; (2) developed 24 new research tools with broad application to all neurological disease research; (3) had two U.S. patents issued and 16 patent applications published and (4) published over 80 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals
  • Launched a web site initiative designed to educate patients and their families about the shortcomings of the current system for discovering and developing new patient treatments
  • Recognized as the Northern California Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year®
Dynamic Theater Experience
No boring lectures. No bulletpoints. No pitching. 12gurus:Health is a dynamic theater experience. Talks are short -- 18 minutes or less! -- game changing, full of rich multimedia, and given by the world's top innovators!
Leaders in Healthcare Innovation
NYC, March 29-30, 2012 : 12gurus:Health brings together top innovators, practitioners and executives from all aspects of healthcare to share innovative ideas on increasing patient wellbeing, improving experiences of the doctors, staff, patients, and families, and enabling better research and data-sharing. Talks are short, engaging and entertaining. The topics are game-changing BIG ideas.
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